Oct 142018
Tips on How to Improve TOEFL Score

How to improve TOEFL score? In this era, you need an English skill to continue your education in university or get a job.

English proficiency that is really recognized and used as the standard is the score of TOEFL. So that, many people learn more to try to improve their TOEFL score. Below are 4 tips that you can try to improve your score of TOEFL.

Tricks in Doing Reading Sessions

You can practice reading the paragraph of reading text before doing the test. Try it without any dictionary. You do not need to know all word meanings. Try to understand. By using this way, you will be able to read comprehensively.

Use the technique of skimming first in reading the paragraph. After that, read the question. Read in detail when you look for answers to the questions.

After you have done to answer other kinds of questions, You can answer questions about the ‘main idea’.

Tricks in Doing Listening Sessions

To master listening section, you can practice a recording of listening that you can get from the internet or other sources before the test. if you do this, your ears will be trained well. Then, you will be able to listen to the test clearly enough.

If you have answered the questions, do not look at again the questions when you are doing the test. you will not be able to concentrate and answer the questions well.

Tricks in Doing Speaking Sessions

The speaking session, you have to notice and consider many things related to this session. Remember that you have to relax in answering. You also should think your answer before responding to the questions. So, you need time for it.

Do not bother yourself by using difficult words. Use the simple one. use terms that you really understand. Do not forget to always conclude what you have said.

Tricks in Doing Writing Sessions

When you are writing, do it simply and clearly. If possible, plan what you want to write. Notice the idea.

To support your writing, you can give some examples. Do not forget to use appropriate term transitions.

Then, check your essay in detail after you do it.

Those are 4 tips on how to improve TOEFL score that you can try to get a high score.

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